New BMW 430 cabrio

New BMW 430 cabrio rental in Dubai - CarHire24
234 km/h
8.5 sec.
3000 c.c. twin turbo
204 hp.

Price: 1000 AED

Deposit: 3000 AED

The second generation of the BMW 4 Series consists of the BMW G22 (coupé version) along with the BMW G23 (convertible version) and BMW G26 (saloon version, marketed as the Gran Coupé) compact executive cars. The G22 4 Series was launched in June 2020 and succeeds the F32 4 Series.

The G22 will be produced alongside - and shares many features with - the G20 3 Series. As with the G20 3 Series range, the G22/G23/G26 will be powered by turbocharged petrol and diesel engines. Unlike its predecessor, the new 4 Series has a significant departure in design from the 3 Series in order to distinguish between the two models and to move the 4 Series upscale. The most notable of the design changes is the large kidney grille at the front which was inspired by the 1930s BMW 328.

The most notable design feature is the large vertical kidney grille which is inspired by the BMW 328 and 3.0 CSi respectively. The grille has a 3D pattern design to give it a more pronounced look. Other notable design features of the concept were a pronounced duck-tail spoiler at the rear, thin wing mirrors made from a single piece of aluminium and open headlamps, which have no covering over their 3D lighting elements and are instead embedded into the body of the car.

The decision to rent New BMW 430 cabrio with CarHire24 in Dubai is a reasonable investment in an unforgettable vacation.

  • Requirments
  • How to rent?

Requirments to rent a car:

  • Minimum Rent 1 Day.
  • Driver must be over 23.
  • Valid Driving Licence.
  • Passport or Emirates ID.
  • Security Deposit by Credit Card. (3000 AED)

*All original documents must be shown at the time of receiving the car.

How can I rent this car?

To Rent this car you need to fill up the booking form and click on request for booking, we promise to contact you within 12 hours. once we contact you, we will ask you for basic information and pictures of your licence, then we will confirm your booking.

* You can always contact us by WhatsApp: +971 50 9787 953 for faster response.

On the day of the delivery we will deliver the car to the desired location, the payment and the deposit will be done while you are receiving the car.

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