Answer from Mr. Ali (info@cartrawler.com)

What Additional services does your company offer? I found a cheaper deal on renting, but I would like to rent your car? Why is it convenient to rent a car from your company?


Additional services does our company offer:

When you rent a car at our company, you may choose some additional services, such as:

- Installation of GPS

- Assembly of the child seat

- Transfer of the automobile to the airport or hotel

- Services of a driver

- Services of a personal guide

- Ordering flowers for lady

- Festive decoration of the car

- Transfer of the selected vehicle to any place in Dubai.


If you find a company offering a similar rental terms at a more affordable cost, please let us know. We will check the alternative proposal and offer you a better price of the rent.


Why is it convenient to rent a car from our company:

- Our clients receive only legendary brand new cars.

- Our managers will surprise you with gentle and unobtrusive service and the highest attention to details. Focus on the customer, and respect for your time – these are main rules of all the employees of our company.

- You get a perfect car of a prestigious brand in perfect condition with irreproachable performance to your complete disposal. If you rent a car from our company you can be sure in its safety and high level of comfort for you and your passengers. Before conveying a car to the customer, we carry out its complete check by qualified personnel.

- If you turn to our company you will get professional advice concerning all your questions. Our managers will give you a qualified answer as soon as possible.

Our customers have become our long-term clients already a long time ago. This once again proves that along with the car rental you get the impeccable quality of service.

Answer from hesam (hesamak123@hotmail.co.uk)

Hi. I can see that your minimum age requirement for hiring a supercar is 23 and above. However, on various sites I have seen that the minimum age to hire a car in Dubai is 25. Could you confirm this please? Also, how long in advance before coming from the UK is a good time to book? Thanks


Dear Hesam,

We provide our sports cars 23 years and above.

You can make booking at any time.

Answer from Paul Farrell (paul@xchange-master.co.uk)

How much extra is it for additional driver?


Dear Paul,

Aditional driver free of charge.

Answer from Alex (e.grinec@gmail.com)

Great cars!


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Answer from Toray (torayy_k@live.co.uk)

Hi, I am 21 years old. Many places and forums online say it is possible and legal to rent a car at this age. Just an extra charge may occur, is this possible?


Good Evening.
Yes it's possible, but depending of the car.

Answer from Kirsten Holland (kirsten_h_89@hotmail.co.uk)

Hi, I am looking to hire a Ferrari for my husband to be when we are in Dubai for our honeymoon and I was just wondering how long you have the car for? It said 3000 aed to rent but didn't specify how long this is for? Thanks, Kirsten Holland


Dear Kirsten,
We provide our cars for 24 hours (1 day).

Answer from Luke (onparmobile@gmail.com)

Hi there. Are the prices im seeing on your web page for a full day hire?



Our price on website for a one day hire (24 hours).

Answer from Malik (malikthelusma567@gmail.com)

I'm 19 an I am going to Dubai I wanted to no if it was possible to rent a car from you


Dear Malik,
You can call me or whatsapp i'll try organize something for you!)


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